Nolan with crevalle jack

Nolan with crevalle jack

“Before I took Katherine’s lesson I was just a self taught caster and after her lesson I learned a lot more about casting like double hauling and casting farther and more accurate. But also I could cast in little north shore creeks and streams but after her lesson I was able to cast off the north jetty in the Gulf of Mexico.  And thanks to Kathy’s lesson I was able to catch an awesome fish in the Gulf of Mexico (crevalle jack).”
“Last week I took Katherine Lansing’s basic casting class.  What a difference a couple of hours can make.   Katherine is a great instructor, patient and very descriptive, but also, in addition to providing information on technique, she keeps it fun.  I learned more in just a few hours with Katherine than I did in the last 2 years of trying to cast on my own.    Most of all though, I just want to keep at it.   I was just about ready to say enough to fly fishing, but this was just what I needed to keep on going.   I would highly recommend  Katherine to anyone interested in increasing their skills and enjoyment of fly fishing.”

Tobi M.

Ely, MN



“Ian and I really enjoyed our afternoon with you and within a
week had received a starter fly fishing kit from John F.  We
haven’t been able to get out on a river yet but want to at
least get out and practice casting.

We both really enjoyed the experience and appreciated all of
the things you taught us – the knot tying, fishing logistics
and considerations, casting the fly and especially the
different options for casting from shore or mid-stream.  It
was helpful because you covered a little bit of everything.

You were particularly good at working with both Ian and I,
which was a little tricky.  I could have tied knots for
hours but Ian has of course, a much shorter attention span.
You were able to adjust your schedule for the both of us
which we really appreciated.

You have a great style and were very patient.  We would
definitely encourage anyone else to contact you for lessons
and will perhaps see you at a fly fishing event someday.”

Lynn G.


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